skin rejuvenation

While we cannot claim to stop the natural aging process, we can offer you the next best thing. The non-invasive skin rejuvenation solutions have the power to eliminate the signs of aging and restore a fresh, glowing and youthful look to your skin.

Skin rejuvenation treatments with SharpLight systems are suitable for the face, neck, chest and hands.

Depending on your skin and the degree of aging it is possible to use each technology individually or to combine 2-4 of them when necessary.

Combined Rejuvenation Treatments

Erbium laser, IPL, RF and IR |  IPL, RF and IR

Using combined technologies allows deep, yet safe penetration into the multiple skin layers, subsequently remodeling collagen, tightening skin and improving scars. In addition, it ensures immediate, long lasting results in just a few visits to the clinic.

Pulsed Light Treatment

Pulsed Light simultaneously treats the three main elements of sun-damaged, environmentally-polluted and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots and improving skin texture. It includes treating sun spots, small dilated blood vessels, and small lines and enlarged pores. There is no need of any downtime after the treatment. You can even do it over your lunch-break.

Celluma Light Therapy

Celluma Light Therapy helps clear up your blemishes and prevents further breakouts by killing those acne-causing bacteria. This low-level light therapy applies varying light energy wavelengths to your skin. It can also treat sun damage and help improve cell performance. Multiple sessions may be required dependent on each individual but no downtime is required between treatments.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive mechanical exfoliation technique to even out pores, scars, and skin imperfections. It can be used to treat problem areas such as your face, neck, shoulders, hands and back. This skin resurfacing treatment leaves you with no downtime so you can get back to your daily activities with your brilliant, refreshed looks.

Micro Needling

Micro needling is a type of collagen induction therapy used to help stimulate the production of structural proteins in your skin. By making tiny piercings on your skin, your skin goes into repair mode, giving you new skin. The result is reduced acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmented spots and stretch marks.

Vampire Facial® Procedure

Isolating Growth Factors and Micro Needling

Vampire Facial® Procedure rejuvenates your skin by taking your own blood, isolating the growth factors, and injecting it back through micro needling. It improves your skin by increasing collagen production, improving blood circulation, and activating stem cell growth. The benefits of the procedures are long-lasting, a minimum of 1 to 2 years.


Facials are a great way to give your skin what it needs. Starting with a full skin analysis to see what your skin needs, our facials include deep cleansing, aromatherapy steam, full extraction, and skin oxygenation and hydration. We use high quality skin care product, including active blends of creams and oils, to accompany your relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are great for those with acne problems or as an anti-aging treatment. By applying a solution of active ingredients designed to deeply exfoliate your skin, chemical peels removes skin blemishes and fine lines. It leaves you with clean, brighter, toned skin.

For optimum results, you may combine Chemical Peels with Micro Needling.

Clear Advantage Laser Clinic


  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, tightens skin
  • Restores a younger and fresher glowing look
  • Reverses signs of aging skin
  • Non-invasive, safe and reliable
  • Relatively small number of treatments
  • Immediate, long lasting results
  • Thousands of satisfied clients
  • Minimum side effects, no downtime